OpenID Connect from ASP.NET Core with Visual Studio 2017

Niels Flensted-Jensen, June 15, 2017

Adding OpendID Connect authentication to you ASP.NET Core web site is easy. In this example with Visual Studio 2017, it’s basically just a few clicks and a few lines of code and you will be up and running with Swedish BankID or some of the other e-ID’s out there.


Sign text with BankID, NemID, right in your front-end

Niels Flensted-Jensen, March 24, 2017

All of the national identity services integrated by easyID in addition to providing 2-factor authentication, also provide signing services. This post shows how you may leverage that immediately in your front-end code with just an iframe and a few lines of Javascript.


OpenID Connect from ASP.NET Core - on Mac OSX

Niels Flensted-Jensen, February 25, 2017

Sometimes you do stuff becuase you can. This is sort of one of those accounts. But hopefully one that will gain relevance as .NET Core and ASP.NET Core moves to the mainstream. And to make it more fun we will do it all on Mac OSX. Open house, no Windows!


Use BankID and NemID from a Node.js application

Niels Flensted-Jensen, February 14, 2017

Learn how to authenticate your users with Norwegian or Swedish BankID or Danish NemID with Node.js and Express. By leveraging OpenID Connect, connecting Node applications to national identity services via easyID has become a trivial job, as shown in this post.


Security considerations when building an identity service

Mikkel Christensen, January 10, 2017

When integrating your web or mobile application with one of the - mostly European - government or bank-provided identity solutions, you face a set of security-related challenges in order to match the level of security inherent in these solutions.

These identity services were all built to be able to identify legal persons in an online environment, such as a web bank, an insurance portal, or your stock broker’s online trading platform. The identity services offered typically also include the ability to sign transactions and (some types of) documents.


Real world identities online: Why and how?

Thomas Mærsk Pedersen, December 15, 2016

The internet is used by a sea of people, bots, and devices. The people are all real, flesh and blood individuals, and they’re all uniquely identifiable out there in the physical world. But online, they will more often than not be basically anonymous from a legal perspective.

In many scenarios, and in many businesses, this is not good enough.


Grean easyID connects Auth0 to Scandinavian national and bank identities

Niels Flensted-Jensen, December 07, 2016

When you need to know the real identity, the legal identity, of the users of your web or mobile applications, you look to the national and bank provided identity services. With Grean easyID the challenge of integrating these into your applications has gone from weeks, even months, to just a few hours. And this becomes even simpler with Auth0 as demonstrated in this video.


Grean extends Auth0 with B2B onboarding and authorization

Niels Flensted-Jensen, December 04, 2015

Grean is an onboarding and authorization management service for business-to-business applications - web, mobile, or APIs. Grean is designed and built to work with Auth0, and together they form a complete authentication and authorization solution for business-to-business collaboration.


Are security concerns holding back your B2B integration?

Niels Flensted-Jensen, August 31, 2015

If you’re struggling with the security aspects of business-to-business web integration, Grean’s access management service gives you and your business partners the control you need to open up with confidence.