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OpenID Connect from ASP.NET Core with Visual Studio 2017

Latest blog post: Set up OpenID Connect from you ASP.NET Core application in Visual Studio 2017 to authenticate with Swedish, Norweigian BankID or Danish NemID

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Real Customer Identity

For regulatory or productivity reasons you often need to verify the person you are dealing with. Consider how anti money laundering regulation require financial institutions and fintech companies to diligently make sure they know who the person at the other end is.

Grean’s easyID service hooks you straight into national identity services such as Danish NemID and Swedish and Norwegian BankID.

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Document signing

Instead of a traditional proces for document signing involving printing, stamping and sending physical documents to your business partners, you may save time and money by collecting the signatures right in your web or mobile application.

Grean's easyID signing service enables you to electronically sign a text document with your national identity service, such as NemID or BankID.

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Access Management

If you serve business customers, they should be able to manage which employees get access to your applications holding their data. Companies must be able to manage which of their employees gets access to what.

Grean provides onboarding and self-service user administration as a service. This puts control of both the data and process with your customers.


Reference Cases

Codan and Trygg-Hansa

Insurers Codan and Trygg-Hansa - part of RSA Scandinavia - needed better control of the look and feel of their login solution. They wanted more options for social login, and they also needed self-service onboarding and user administration for their brokers and business customers.

With Grean's cloud solution, based on Auth0 and Grean's own services, RSA Scandinavia achieved all of that while reducing infrastructure complexity and cost, and at the same time, minimizing their software development effort.

Grean now operates the entire authentication and authorization infrastructure for all of RSA’s customer-facing web applications. Also part of the mix for both personal and business users is Danish NemID and Swedish BankID for proof of identity and increased security.


Viewcare serves hospitals and municipalities with their telemedicine solution. While outside of Viewcare's core service, Viewcare found that their customers wanted various options for logging in to Viewcare's mobile and server apps. The needs for login include integration with customer Active Directory, use of national identity services such as Danish NemID, and potentially even social logins for patients.

Viewcare now partners with Grean to provide and manage the authentication, authorization, and onboarding of their customers, employees, and the patients they serve. This leaves Viewcare completely free to focus on their own apps and services, simply referring customers to Grean for all things related to login, including technical integration.


Mikkel Christensen

Mikkel is co-founder of Grean. He is a great software designer and developer - and he's also a nuclear physicist. With more than 15 years in the industry, Mikkel’s projects have included real-time route planning, graph-theory algorithm development, and web security. Mikkel is a strong believer in functional programming and typed languages.

Follow Mikkel at @sgryt

Niels Flensted-Jensen

Niels is co-founder of Grean. He has more than 20 years' experience architecting and implementing software and web solutions, from F-16 fighter jets to enterprise solutions. His career has included positions in the defense and aerospace industries as well as roles at Accenture and a dotcom web agency. More recently, Niels founded and ran the web security firm Safewhere.

Follow Niels at @nielsflensted

Thomas Rosenberg Mærsk Pedersen

Thomas is co-founder at Grean and responsible for commercial development. He has more than 15 years of experience, and has worked across development, product management, business development and sales. When not working with customers and partners, Thomas is a qualified glider pilot and instructor.

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