Business-to-Business sales tool

When food company Uhrenholt set out to increase its sales force significantly in the Russian market, Grean developed a new interactive product catalog for account managers.

The new tool would enrich customer dialogue and replace the often outdated paper catalog with coffee stains and penciled in notes in the margin.

Recognize this?

Ever think: This would be much better, if only we had the right digital tools?

Whether you are looking to sell more, strengthen relationships with customers, collaborate more effeciently, or something entirely different, we can help. Customized software solutions are what we do, and we always strive for the perfect match to your business.

How much is it?

It is often expensive and complicated to purchase a web solution. And far too many solutions are shortlived or have no effect, and are qucikly abandoned. With us you simply subscribe to you own custom creation at a monthly low price. And you only pay for as long as you want to use it.

With this low monthly payment, fully custom built web applications are now easily within the reach of also small and midsized organizations.

Should you no longer appreciate the value of a solution, you may simply unsubscribe. And that is all there is to it!

How does it work?

Everything is tailor made to match your needs. And in collaboration with us, you may continously change, extend, and improve your solution.

No need to worry about licenses, hosting, operations, and technical support. Your solutions are developed for you to feel right at home in the cloud. We implement, deliver and operate the entire thing on our platform in the geographically distirubted datacenteres of Microsoft Windows Azure. That is why your solution will have all the power it needs to go from very little to enormous load and back again.

Get in touch

Are you considering how a custom built web solution may better your business? Get in touch and let us discuss your opportunities. Fill out this form or call Niels directly at (+45) 2020 6168.

The Founders

  • Niels Flensted-Jensen

    Niels has more than 20 years experience selling and implementing software and web solutions from F-16 fighter jets to enterprise solutions. His career has included positions in the defense and aerospace industries, experience at Accenture and various web agencies, plus the founding of web-security firm Safewhere. He knows the industry well and understands the value of satisfied customers.

    Follow Niels at @nielsflensted
  • Mikkel Christensen

    Mikkel is a cutting-edge software designer and developer. During more than 12 years in the industry, Mikkel’s projects have included real-time route planning, graph-theory algorithm development and web security (not least at Safewhere). He is extremely productive and there is no software-related challenge that he cannot solve. Mikkel forms the core of our software-development team.

    Follow Mikkel at @sgryt

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